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Save Money and Bundle

Speak & Mail 2000 + WebSpeak
$39.95 ($10.00 Savings) - Order

What's New

New Characters Added - All Free
Kumi the Nurse, Imp, Pelotti the Cat and more.

All e-Clips Characters are now FREE!
Including Rebecca

Speak + WebSpeak
$29.95 ($10.00 Savings) - Order

Get Characters
Speech Engines
System Req.

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Speak & Mail has a New Major Update:

Please note that Speak & Mail is no longer supported, if you are a new user to our products, please try Speak & Mail 2000 which is the newer version. If you are a previous user of Speak & Mail, please consider upgrading to Speak & Mail 2000.

What Makes Speak & Mail Special?

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Latest Release

bulletSpeak & Mail:
bulletLatest Version: 1.9.75
bulletRelease Date: April 19, 2000
bulletCheck for Updates

Download Full Trial Version

Note About Optional Speech Recognition Use: You need to download Microsoft Speech Recognition 4.0 to get Speech Recognition to work with Speak & Mail. If you don't, only the reading portion of Speak will work. Speech Recognition depends on your system, it is not guaranteed that it will work on your system.

Problems Installing/Setting Speak?
Take a quick look at our Frequent Problems List
or Email us and we will get back to you!

Download Speak & Mail


Speak & Mail: See Speak & Mail 2000

System Requirements

bulletWindows 95/98/NT/ME/2K/XP.
bulletInternet Explorer version 3.02 or later
bulletA Pentium 100 MHz PC (or faster)
bulletAt least 16MB of RAM.
bulletA Windows-compatible sound card.
bulletMicrosoft Agent 2.0 Control (Included with Speak setup)

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Questions regarding ordering Speak: Contact Form

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